• MASK Opening Ceremony Starts with Morning Prayer With Invited Guests

    • Pujyashree's visit to Amba School

    • Pujyashree's visit to Amba School

    • 26th Jan Dance on Indian Flag

    • KG Kids Restaurant

    • English Medium Kids Performing Mime

    • School Library

    • E Learning through Smart Board

    • English Medium Kids Singing Song

    • MASK Preparation

    • 15th August flag hosting ceremony

    • Inter-school chess competition

    • Writing competition

The school is our special home. A student of ASE distinguishes himself / herself within and outside... Parents who remain actively involved in their children's school activities,can help their children... Understanding Child Psychology Joyful Learning Multiple Intelligence (MI) Classroom Dynamics Team...
In this section you'll get to read various articles on education, all are welcome in this section...

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Welcome to Amba School for Excellence

Vision :
A School which has its foundation set in spiritual science and aims at an overall development of the child including academic excellence, physical development and enhanced spiritual, emotional & social awareness.

Teaching that promotes 'Common Sense' and 'Inner Intuition'.

A school that has in its foundation, the knowledge that is in the heart of enlightened beings...

  • Where children get an opportunity to grow fearlessly in a pure and loving environment
  • Where the tutor, as a friend, is instrumental in the development of the child
  • A teaching methodology that makes learning interesting and simple
  • Sculpting the child with the most practical & useful education in today's fast-moving world

Our heartfelt aspiration:

  • To instill values that makes this human life worthwhile
  • To share with children, the kind of pure love that we have received
  • To establish moral values that result in respect towards elders and equality with everyone
  • To guide destructive energies onto a constructive path
  • To develop A to Z (complete) positivity


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