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    • Pujyashree's visit to Amba School

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The school is our special home. A student of ASE distinguishes himself / herself within and outside... Parents who remain actively involved in their children's school activities,can help their children... Understanding Child Psychology Joyful Learning Multiple Intelligence (MI) Classroom Dynamics Team...
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The two pillars of any academic institution or school are the vision of its founder and the sincerity and purity of its teachers - the faculty.
When one walks through the corridors of AMBA SCHOOL FOR EXCELLENCE in all probability one will see both these reflected on the HAPPY faces of its students.
"Dada Bhagwan Foundation" the iconic spiritual institution of our times had the soaring vision of making every child realise his or her fullest human potential discovering the divinity within. When this is the intent the result has to be holistic development of a child into a global citizen who can make a contribution that will make a difference where ever he or she is.
This is the promise of AMBA SCHOOL FOR EXCELLENCE - the school with spirit

- Shri Vanrajbhai Jhala, Management trainer, Synergy group

Dada Bhagwan Foundation is an exemplary Trust that is gaining worldwide recognition for contributions to spiritual awakening and humanitarian values. In the field of education, profound consideration is given both to excellence in education and to the development of inspired humanity within students. The sevarthis of this Trust are living examples of extraordinary dedication, devotion, and vision. It is obvious that each student fortunate enough to reside and study within Simandhar City is tremendously blessed. My great congratulations and salutations to Dada Bhagwan Foundation's sevarthi team for it's superb contributions to the education and spiritual upliftment of its students.

- Shri Lalitbhai Nakrani, Director - Shri Swaminarayan Shishu Vidyalaya, Gandhinagar

In the words of the American educator, Dr John Hibben, ‘Education is the ability to meet life’s situations’; this is exactly what The Amba School for Excellence has set out to do. Here the students are not only given every opportunity to hone the skills of writing, thinking, and speaking to positively thrive in a vibrant learning community but are also equipped to rise in a spiritually exalted environment. 
Where else do students at the tender age of ten reflect and introspect on their own behaviour and maintain a personal log at the end of each school day? Besides the core curriculum, ‘Akram Science’ offers an innovative dimension and human flaws such as anger, jealousy, violence… are discussed and students are asked to design articles and artefacts based on this. Events that highlight positive aspects of various religions, festivals, cultures and inspirational heroes keep the learners well-informed and prepare them in their journey of being world citizens.
Teachers and Staff don’t think of themselves as employees but as Revolutionaries who provide the essential warmth and guidance to the young saplings who will flourish, prosper and live their dreams. Teachers don’t just instruct and show but actively involve students and the benefit of this teaching style is evident in the excellent exam results.
The Amba School for Excellence has taken the first of many steps to Dada’s Golden Era and I salute everyone who is and will be a part of this miracle.

- Mrs. Neepa Pillai - ICT Lecturer, Team-Leader (UK) MA, PGCE, CELTA, NLP Practitioner

I WOULD like to offer a few simple words of praise for The Amba School for Excellence for its academic preparation programs, especially the  Academic Team who is actually implementing the philosophies of the school in reality. The team members are warm, welcoming, enthusiastic, great learners and I am sure will stand out to the expectations of the school authorities. I Ms Neha Parekh have been there to conduct the workshop on MI and Classroom Management. Great to hear that the learning from the workshop are actually being implemented. Thanks to the Founder members for setting up such a great school for the students as it would definitely give them the opportunity to become thoughtful and empowered citizens of future. 
I hope that Amba School will be able to increase its outreach and support, so more and more scholars graduates and be able to consider the school as a viable option for their being successful in life. I am sure by the divine blessings of Dada Bhagwan, the staff and students as well, will be able to bring out their best and rediscover themselves. 
Best wishes to the students and staff out there. Keep up the great work!!

- Mrs. Neha Parekh - Teacher trainer, Mindspark

‘Amba School for Excellence’ is a unique school because, more than thought and academic progress, it attempts to instill thoughtfulness, humanity and citizenship
It is a school, which has an ideal to prepare wholesome personalities, which, would carry ‘Dada Bhagwan’s’ message to society. Happily, the school has a good, dedicated staff led by an able Principal and fortunately, the parents are good enough to trust them and their methods of teaching. 
I had the privilege to witness their sincere efforts specially in the subject of English, a fine blend of modern teaching methods like the use of multimedia and fun-filled creative activities carried out by an inspired staff could be seen. In my twenty two years of teaching career, I have rarely come across such sincerity and dedication amongst the staff and such a conducive environment for learning. 
I can foresee ‘Amba School for Excellence’, one day being a role model for other schools specially when the need of the hour in academic progress along with value education.

- Mrs. Rupa Dave - B.Sc. Child Development

How Do I Know whether A School Is Really Good DADA BHAGHWAN FOUNDATION understands the various needs of students looking to fulfill their academic or self-improvement goals and has created AMBA SCHOOL FOR EXCELLENCE to serve those wishing to have spiritual, personal and academic development for their children . 
It does sound risky when you want to send your child to a new school, unless you really, really trust the comforting words of a personal and sincere adviser, my advice here would be is simply - visit the school first. Two things will happen when you visit the school. 
Firstly, you will get a firsthand experience of the school - how it looks, how it is run, how the teachers are, etc. You will get a gut feel as to whether this would really be a good place for you or your child. Secondly, you will get an opportunity to see the campus, school, and many other experiences you would not get just from reading this article. You will then get a clearer impression about the school.

- Mrs. Shilpa Jain – Child Counsellor

Amba - Word derives Shakti, Purity and Power !
                                                                                   …and Excellence -is the motto.
 I am sure that Amba school for excellence with its unique way of Educaiton and Culture building will be one of the best school providing Education with Vision and Values.
Working with the Dadabhagwan foundation and Setting up of Amba School for Excellence is one of the most memorable and valuable achievement i have acheived.
With the Blessings i have received from PU. Dipak bhai and the entire family over there, i have transformed my self a lot and now i am living more meaningful and soulful life.
I will stay obliged and will wish to be connected with Dada bhagwan pariwar for ever.

- Mr. Unmesh Dixit - Project Developer

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