• MASK Opening Ceremony Starts with Morning Prayer With Invited Guests

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    • Pujyashree's visit to Amba School

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The school is our special home. A student of ASE distinguishes himself / herself within and outside... Parents who remain actively involved in their children's school activities,can help their children... Understanding Child Psychology Joyful Learning Multiple Intelligence (MI) Classroom Dynamics Team...
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What's New!

Teachers Training programme

Teachers open up young minds, showing them the wonders of the intellect and the miracles of being able to think for the Self (Soul)..

These are the qualities we like to see in our teacher at ASE. We recognize that teachers are the heart of the school. Teaching comes from the heart and not from brain. In order to motivate and familiarize the teachers with ASE vision, philosophy & culture, a 9-days teacher training workshop was conducted in it's first year of school opening as well as at the beginning of each academic year.

It dealt with the overall development of teachers as a person, combined with knowledge & skills needed to be effective in creating a stimulating environment for learning. The workshop included various professionals from the field of education, psychology and management training.

Workshop on child psychology, child counseling and creativity in classroom was conducted by Dr. Nimrat Singh, Tangram. It helped teachers acquire skills and positive behavioural approach. It further helped them to gain insight into the development of psychology which included understanding the developmental stages of pre-primary and primary children, age-related challenges faced by kids. It also equipped teachers to look out for some common learning disabilities found in the kids. When such disabilities are identified early, it can be worked and improved on.

Workshop on Multiple Intelligence was conducted by Mrs. Neha Parekh, Mindspark. The session included introduction to MI theories, its importance in schools and practical application in classrooms. Effective classroom management skill, do's and don'ts of classroom management, role of teachers etc. was also discussed. The whole workshop was coordinated and conducted by Jankiben Shah, who at every step motivated & guided the teachers and made learning real fun with activities and games. Micro-level lesson planning was also introduced to all. Personal guidance on one-to-one basis was provided to incorporate Active Learning Methodologies (ALM) and Multiple Intelligence (MI) in lesson plans.

Last but not the least, team building workshop conducted by management trainer Shri Vanrajbhai Zhala was full of fun-filled activities & games, relaxing & entertaining for all the teachers. All were immensely motivated to give their best & walk the talk towards 'Excellence'. A positive team spirit was created. An ongoing (post school opening) teacher training program is designed mainly focusing micro planning lessons, teacher counseling & strategically planning classroom management skills.

We recognize that learning never ends and so selected teachers are sent from time to time to AMA (Ahmedabad Management Association) for attending workshops to sharpen their skills and add to their knowledge.

Though being a Gujarati medium school, we do not compromise on the English language and for this our teachers are guided by Mrs. Rupa Dave for designing English curriculum and spoken English.

At ASE, there is chance for everyone to grow, children, teachers & staff alike! 

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