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    • Pujyashree's visit to Amba School

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Seva - Volunteer Services

‘Seva’ is an Indian term having lot of relevance with spiritual upliftment of an individual. Seva is a term where a person gives his voluntary services for the betterment of the society and this feeling & service comes from the heart of the person and not by force, thereby giving a very moral & spiritual boost to the heart of the person. His / her heart turns towards purity & a feeling of job satisfaction for having returned good to the society at large is experienced for the doer of Seva.

Thus, here at Amba School for Excellence the concept of ‘Seva’ is given equal merits and anyone from any corner of the world is given space & best environment to give his / her voluntary services to the School.

The Main School Board is also formed on this basis and the members of the Board are all giving their voluntary services (‘Seva’) to the School. This is the main underlying philosophy of the Foundation.

Everyone at Amba School for Excellence enjoy the visit of foreign guests. Sanhita Sejpal visited us from London and, after researching at several schools, she made ASE the base of a professional project she was working on. For this project she had learned gujarati. She taught our children english words for fruits and vegetables, and helped them to pronounce english words properly. She created charts to demonstrate what she was teaching, and displayed them in our classrooms. During her visit at ASE, Sanhita Sejpal gave us a living example of ‘creative study’.

Sanhita Sejpal’s experience: 
Amba School for Excellence is a fine example of a school with good morals and values. As soon as I entered the school, I instantly felt a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which is an essential element needed in every good school. Observing the school and different classrooms enabled me to appreciate the vast respect children have for their teachers and peers and this is something you rarely experience in the UK. Maintaining respect is a fundamental ingredient in fostering a healthy and positive relationship amongst teachers and students and it is therefore to the schools credit that such an atmosphere is supported and encouraged.

Participation and the inclusion of all children is also a key element needed to make a successful classroom and in every class I observed, I noticed staff members made sure each and every child was included in the classroom, despite their learning abilities. This is an essential skill and to their credit, every teacher displayed this ability in Amba School for Excellence. By maintaining this skill, less-able children gain more confidence and feel more comfortable in the classroom.

Taking into consideration that it was exam time, I also noticed that more interactive teaching was taking place, which is an excellent form of learning. I also liked the fact that teachers provided pupils with regular tests, which often lasted only 10 minutes. This provided teachers with a rough idea of which children may need extra support. I also noticed teachers telling the children, before the test began not to worry and just try their best. This is an excellent form of teaching.

Overall this school is a school with great cultural value, an excellent atmosphere, hardworking children and friendly staff members. These are all factors which make this school an enjoyable place to be.

Finally, I would like to thank everyone for all their help and support and for making this such an enjoyable experience. 
Sanhita Sejpal, a Student, studying a Teaching degree at Reading University UK


Manishka's Experience:

I would like to thank you for letting me be a part of Amba School for Excellence. I have

really enjoyed my time here doing seva and gained a great amount of experience. The

experience gained here will help me a lot later on in life. I enjoyed working with the staff at

the school, who made me feel at home from day one, which I am thankful for. The school is

doing a great job in teaching both dada’s principles and academics.

The school atmosphere is so friendly and fun, which enabled me to come back to the school

each day. By being a part of the school, I got an experience of what it is like to be a teacher in

an Indian school, which wouldn’t have been possible anywhere else at this young age. From

observing different teachers, I learned many new techniques for classroom control and

teaching, which will surely help in my future teaching career.

My time at the school has been an extraordinary experience, and I thank you immensely for

it. I hope to be a part of the school in the near future, and work with you all in doing dada’s

jagat kalyan.

Jai Sat Chit Anand,

Manishka Parekh, a student studying at UNSW (University of New South Wales)

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