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The school is our special home. A student of ASE distinguishes himself / herself within and outside... Parents who remain actively involved in their children's school activities,can help their children... Understanding Child Psychology Joyful Learning Multiple Intelligence (MI) Classroom Dynamics Team...
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Parent's role in education

Parents who remain actively involved in their children's school activities,can help their children to excel academically.

A parent's positive involvement can make the difference between their child struggling or succeding in school. Some of those areas include helping a child improve their reading skills, learn to become responsible and complete homework assignments without undue stress. 

Link Book

To keep a daily ‘link’ between the parent and the school, a tool called the ‘Link Book’ is introduced. Daily homework is noted as well as remarks regarding the child’s progress and observations on the child’s conduct are made regularly in this book. It also acts as a medium for any messages that the school wishes to give to the parent.

Home Education

Parents have a vital role in their child's education. By taking a few simple steps at home, you can help them enjoy school more, improve their studying and homework skills and prepare for further studies.

Nothing helps a child succeed like an involved parent. A little willingness from a child's parent can work wonders in the classroom.

Nurturing values

Children would always imitate the moral values of their parents. Sometimes the children may behave differently outside of the home also but your duty as parents should be to instill good values in them and you must not fail in this.

Parents themselves should develop moral values that result in a loving family environment. The love from parents should be such that their children would not want to leave them. If you want to improve your child, the responsibility lies with you. You are bound by your duty to your child. 

Children will only receive good values from their parents. They may receive some from their teachers; friends, peers and other people around them but the major part will come from the parents. Only when the parents are morally upright do their children also become morally upright.

Children will learn whatever they see in you. So if you become religious, they will too. They learn from watching you. If you smoke, they will do the same. If you drink alcohol or eat meat, they will too. Whatever you do, they will imitate. They want to imitate and even go beyond their parents' deeds.

Guiding children towards education without creating conflicts

Today's children seem to be more interested in playing, than their schoolwork. We can guide them towards education without creating any conflicts by starting a reward system. Tell them you will give them so much for getting good grades at school and passing all their exams. Give them some incentive. If they see immediate positive reinforcement they will seize the opportunity. Another approach is to love them unconditionally. If you give them love they will do what you tell them. We should always try our best to give them the right understanding. We should never give up on them. We should make all the efforts. After that whatever they do is correct and you should accept that it was meant to be.


Parents behaviour

Parents should not fight in front of their children. They should set some standards for their conduct. If either parent makes a mistake, they should forgive each other. The children will witness this and be at peace. If parents want to fight, they should wait until they are alone, then they can fight as long as they want. When children witness their parents fighting they develop a negative attitude towards one parent or the other. So it is indeed the parents who are responsible for ruining their children these days.

Disobedience in children reflects on parents. It is the parents who are at fault. If you keep nagging your children and telling them off, they will become spoilt. Children should be given the help to improve, not beaten. It is very wrong to beat children. Real parents are those who manage to change their children's behavior through love and understanding, even when the child does dreadful things.This world can only be won over through love.

Be a Friend

 After the child turns sixteen, parents must interact with their children as a friend would. They must speak to them in a friendly manner so that their words will be more appealing. If you become a friend to your children, they will improve, but if you assert your authority as a parent, you will risk losing them. Your friendship should be such that the child will not go looking for comfort and guidance elsewhere. You should do everything a friend would do, with your child; play games, sports, drink tea together etc. Only then will they remain yours, otherwise you will end up losing them. First you should make the decision that you want to live with them as friends, and then you will be able to do so. If your friend is doing something wrong, how far will you go to caution him? You would only give him advice to the point where he listens, but you would not nag him. If he does not listen, then you would tell him that the decision is his. To be a friend to your child, you have to accept that from the worldly perspective you are their parent, but in your mind you should think of yourself as being their child. When the parents come down to the level of their child, they will be accepted as a friend. There is no other way to become a friend !

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