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    • Pujyashree's visit to Amba School

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The school is our special home. A student of ASE distinguishes himself / herself within and outside... Parents who remain actively involved in their children's school activities,can help their children... Understanding Child Psychology Joyful Learning Multiple Intelligence (MI) Classroom Dynamics Team...
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Where is Amba school for excellence ?

Amba School for excellence is located within Trimandir Sankul at Adalaj, just off Ahmedabad Kalol Highway.

Who are the Managing Trustees of the School Board?

The Managing Trustees are affiliated to a non-sectarian spiritual organization having H.O. in Simandhar City at Adalaj, Gandhinagar, Gujarat. The Trustees are qualified individuals who are fully-dedicated & committed to the growth of the organization.

What are the academic specifications of Amba school for excellence ?

Amba school for excellence is affiliated with Gujarat State Education Board (GSEB). It is a Gujarati Medium School with a special emphasis on Spoken English.
Currently we offer Nursery through 11th grade and will be adding one additional grade until we reach 12th grade. Offering both Commerce & Science streams

How does Amba school for excellence envision its growth in the coming years?

Our future plans include the opening of an English Medium school, we have made provisions for this in our second-phase of the school building plans.

How do I enroll my child at Amba school for excellence ?

An initial interview is required with each child’s parents, during which an admission form is filled out. Next, a pre-admission test is given to the child. Once all required documents are submitted, admission may be granted. For detailed information regarding the admission process, contact Amba school for excellence's  Administrative Assistant at: +91 7698989666

What is the academic school year, and when can my child gain admittance to the school ?

Our academic school year runs yearly from June until May.
Admittance for first semester is in June, and second semester, November.

What are the unique learning opportunities for my child at Amba school for excellence ?

  • We offer Akram Science as a subject from 1st grade upwards
  • In this class our children gain inner spiritual insight, strength of mind, positive character building, and practical problem solving.
  • Traditional learning approaches are utilized and honored
  • In tandem, we utilize the Active learning approach to education  
  • We have a strong focus on Spoken English, for which we give special emphasis as a subject right from nursery upwards
  • Our students practice Yoga and special Vidhis daily – which serve to empower their personal and spiritual progress

What extra-curricular and sports activities are offered at Amba school for excellence ?

Our students participate regularly in Yoga, sports activities, art and crafts activities, field trips, environmental awareness programs, and multi-cultural religious festivals.
It is our goal to continuously increase the excellence of Amba school for excellence's extra-curriculum activities in the near future.

What kinds of activities does the school's students participate in?

Our students participate in a great variety of competitions, some of which are:

  • Design for change projects
  • Sports competitions
  • Essay-writing and story-writing
  • Public speaking and debating
  • Drawing, crafts, and making greeting cards
  • Singing and poetry
  • Sanskrit shlok recitation
  • Traditional costumes, hairstyles, and mendhi design

What is Akram Science?

Akram Science is a spiritual science, which unfolded spontaneously as a result of Pujya Dadashri’s awakening in 1958.

At Amba school for excellence our children are profoundly blessed to begin exploring this science, in depth, from their early age.
Pujya Niruma and Pujya Deepakbhai have promised that, as a result, their lives will be lived in the spirit of nonviolence, forgiveness, purity, and pure love – in body, speech, thoughts, and intents.

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