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    • Pujyashree's visit to Amba School

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The school is our special home. A student of ASE distinguishes himself / herself within and outside... Parents who remain actively involved in their children's school activities,can help their children... Understanding Child Psychology Joyful Learning Multiple Intelligence (MI) Classroom Dynamics Team...
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Curriculum & Culture of the School

Amba School for Excellence has been conceived and created with highest intents for the educational, personal, and spiritual development of its students and faculty.

The curriculum is the whole learning experience offered by the school. It is not only the lessons and activities that are planned, organized and provided while the children are at school but is also the tone, standards, quality, discipline, attitudes and values it puts forward.

Pre-primary Section 
The efforts at pre-primary section are made to provide an education concentrating on not just academics but overall development of the child, by means of bringing him in contact with concrete experiences through 'play way method'.

The spirit of childhood is play and thus play-way in education insists on 'child centered education'. It advocates educating children through activities in which children can put their heart and soul and work in an atmosphere of freedom and spontaneity. The environment is structured with montessori equipments. Various exercises based on practical life, sensorial, maths, language and cultural areas are covered at child's level through specialized equipments.

The teacher's role here is of extending play by observing, providing guidance, interacting with them and updating the equipments and materials in order to meet individual needs of the child. Besides academics, emphasis is also laid on creative skills, dramatics, role playing, communication skills, and intellectual development of the child.

Nurturing values at the sensitive age is also regarded as prime aspect of the pre-primary section. The child's progress is assessed through daily evaluation and observation in different activities. In order to comply with requirement of higher standards regular practice in writing skills is also not ignored in Sr. kg.

Primary Section 

Since in foundation stage the child is initiated through activities, where the learning process is at its maximum, primary section has blended Active Learning Methodology (ALM) in the conventional classroom teaching process to make it most efficient and student centered. 

It has been proved by research that when the child participates actively in the activities, the retention of the learning is at its maximum. Our emphasis is to facilitate real life association of the classroom learning. This is what will build student's capacities to turn information into experiential knowledge and lifelong learning. Also, learning is enhanced by practical experience, field trips, group discussion, role playing etc. Certain experience and knowledge, and the skills they promote, are essential throughout each stage of education because they are vital to the all-round personal development of every child, and they form the foundation to future learning. Ongoing assessments enable children's progress to be carefully tracked, ensuring every child reaches his/her potential. More formal assessments will take place after each term.

English language

While ASE follows a Gujarati-Medium curriculum, it also recognizes the importance of English in today’s world. Both within India and outside India, English is quickly becoming a common international language. In order to provide our students with greatest confidence, now and in their future educational and professional endeavors - ASE strives to offer excellence in it’s English Classes.

ASE’s Goal for English Classes:

  • To support increasing ease and fluency in English – Reading, Writing, and Conversational.
  • To provide our students with confidence in learning and expressing themselves in English.
  • To provide an atmosphere of joyful, playful learning in all subjects – including English.

Akram science

Akram science is the science of living life. Children of today’s generation, have healthy minds and pure hearts, they have a desire to do something for the people but they do not have proper guidance of how to achieve that purpose.


Amba school for excellence adopts the teachings of the spiritual scientist Param Pujya Dadabhagwan (fondly known as Dadashri) by giving children the right scientific understanding through the principles of Akram Science. They develop such inner understanding that results in Purity and Fearlessness. They are able to handle all kinds of situations and do not become depressed in any situation of the world.

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