• MASK Opening Ceremony Starts with Morning Prayer With Invited Guests

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    • Pujyashree's visit to Amba School

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Akram Science
  • Adopted from the fine learning of the Spiritual Scientist Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan (fondly known as Dadashri), a humble attempt to instill deep values in the tender hearts at a very young age is our 'Akram Science' class uniquely introduced in Amba School for Excellence. We take privilege to be the first school to adopt such a unique concept. 

    The culture of the school is revolved around the child's inner development which is enhanced by Akram Science class. This class aims at touching the child's belief and helping him overcome those hurdles that may hamper his total development. All the lesson plans are designed in a way where the child understands his own feelings and of those around him. A child will be able to climb the mountain of success if there is a balance of EQ (Emotional Quotient), IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and SQ (Social Quotient) in its foundation. IQ is inherent, SQ is given by the society as well as the environment and EQ is given by parents and teachers (right from the age of 2) ..." this is the latest discovery supported by pychologists and by introducing Akram science our school focuses on not just the child's IQ but also on SQ and EQ which is focusing the "over all development of the child". 

    Akram Science class is full of fun and activities. Various techniques eg. moral stories, interactive sessions, Group & personal discussions, debates,  dramas, presentations, drawings, writing etc... to ultimately help evolve the child's logical thinking process, broaden their vision and common sense e.g. Adjust everywhere, Non-violence, Respect, Friendship, Teamwork, understanding value for others etc. The topics are designed in such a way that it initiates not only children but also the teachers into self-learning process through a friendly, caring environment. The child's thinking is developed in such a way that it will not only do their welfare but also be instrumental in the welfare of the world.

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