• MASK Opening Ceremony Starts with Morning Prayer With Invited Guests

    • Pujyashree's visit to Amba School

    • Pujyashree's visit to Amba School

    • 26th Jan Dance on Indian Flag

    • KG Kids Restaurant

    • English Medium Kids Performing Mime

    • School Library

    • E Learning through Smart Board

    • English Medium Kids Singing Song

    • MASK Preparation

    • 15th August flag hosting ceremony

    • Inter-school chess competition

    • Writing competition

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About Us

 About the School:

  • Year 2009-10, Started its first year as a Gujarati Medium School commencing from Nursery to 7th standard. Increasing an additional grade each year.
  • Year 2013-14 running till 10th standard and beginning 11th science and commerce stream
  • A School affiliated with the Gujarat State Education Board (GSEB)
  • Keeping in mind the need for English language in today's computer age complete attention is given to teaching the English language right from kindergarten, equal importance is given on written as well as spoken English
  • The school houses a library, computer lab, science lab and art room to promote holistic development of the child. A sports ground in the campus facilitates outdoor activities
  • Each class accommodates a limited number of children, so that special attention can be given to each child

Why Gujarati Medium ?

Param Pujya Dadashri spoke of the many great benefits of retaining Gujarati as the primary language of study. He explained that Gujarati language is 'Mother language' of all Indian languages, and therefore to world languages overall.

Gujarat’s rich heritage of saints and spiritual scriptures has been communicated and documented directly in Gujarati, and can therefore only be fully understood by one fluent in Gujarati. Dadashri explained that those with fluency in Gujarati will be able to dive deeply into their culture’s ancient traditions and, in this way, Gujarat’s powerful spiritual legacy will profoundly influence their lives.

Any student learning in their “mother language” will comprehend their class subject matter most clearly and fully.

At ASE we follow Dadashri’s supreme vision and reasoning for the benefit of our students. At the same time, we fully acknowledge the importance of the English language in modern culture and in worldwide communications. It is our strong resolve that our students will receive a competitive English education and gain proficiency in English such that they can succeed in their future fields of interest.


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